I believe that our dietary needs are as individual as our fingerprints.  There is no such thing as the perfect diet. We all have different goals, jobs, family, hobbies, time schedules, food preferences, allergies... 

Together we can achieve your goals. Whether you just want some tips or a complete lifestyle and diet change. It is never too late to invest into your health. 

The Basic 

  • assessment of anthropometric measurements, eating habits, health status
  • comprehensive analysis of food record
  • main health concerns and goals are discussed
  • includes diet plan (caloric and macronutrient recommendations)
    • 60 min. online consultation - 90$ 
    • 60 min. in person consultation - 100$ 

Follow up sessions á 30min 

  • review of progress
  • next steps
    • in person 60$
    • online 50$

Grocery Shopping Assistance

  • nutrition goals are turned into action
  • advice on healthy choices
  • clarity on labels 
  • grocery shopping lists 
    • 79$  
    • 10% discount for regular clients 

Fridge + Pantry Cleanse

  • stock up on great tasting healthy foods
  • keep everything organized
  • storage and cooling tips 
    • 149$ 

Cooking + Meal Preparation Assistance (approx. 1.5h)

  • @home cooking session
  • preparation of healthy and tasty meals and snacks
  • recipes and shopping list included 
    • 140$ (excl. food costs)

Meal Planning 

(30 min basic consultancy required prior to meal plans)

My meal plans are not just rice, chicken and broccoli every day. A variety of nutrient rich whole foods will be considered to cover macronutrients as well as micronutrients. 

  • individualised 
  • goal oriented 
    • 49$ per 3-day meal plan
    • 109$ per weekly meal plan
    • 399$ per monthly meal plan 

*All prices are in Canadian Dollar and do not include GST. 

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