potato spinach frittata

This dish is my go-to recipe when there is NOTHING in the fridge except eggs, bunch of veggies, wilted lettuce or spinach and some pieces of cheese that are about to go bad. I admit, does not sound applealing, however, taste- and nutrient wise it is the bomb! I will show you a few tricks to make it extra tasty. 


In my last article on protein , I talked about how you can increase a proteins quality by combining different kinds of food, so that the synthesis of body-own protein is guaranteed. Well, eggs+potatoes is one of those magic combinations. 

Since this is a "whatever you can find in the fridge" frittata you can add whatever you like: peppers, sweet potatoes, zucchini, spring onions, kale, meat, sausages, bacon, carrots, tomatoes, eggplants, broccoli...anything! 

Cut it into slices or squares once its cooled down a little bit. If you cut it into squares, put a toothpick into each of them and serve it as fingerfood at a party. Tastes great and is cheap too. 


Eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world. They are excellent source of vitamin K and a very good source of B vitamins, selenium and vitamin D. Additionally, the amino acids in eggs make them a very good source of quality protein. It contains choline, which aids brain function and health.

Potatoes are a very good source for potassium, vitamin B6 and C, niacin and panthothenic acid as well as fiber. The advantage of potatoes vs. grains is that potatoes contain the essential amino acid lysine which is often limited in grains. Please note that most of the nutrients are found in the skin of the potato! 


Food to pimp your frittata: 

  • truffle oil
  • smoked salmon
  • harissa paste (Tunisian hot chilli pepper paste)
  • curry powder 
  • guacamole
  • fresh salad 
  • fresh herbs
    • basil, parsley, cilantro...on top to garnish
    • rosemary, sage, thyme...roast them with the potatoes to release aroma)


potato spinach frittata

5 eggs

3 medium sized potatoes

1 Medium onion

3 cloves of garlic

2 handful of spinach

1/2 Cup cheese



2 Tbsp.coconut oil or butter

pre-heat oven to 350F (ideally grill function)

dice onions and garlic

wash and slice potatoes thinly (you can leave the peel on)

melt butter or coconut oil in a pre-heated pan, add potato slices

when golden brown, add onions and garlic until slightly caramelized

add spinach and wait a few seconds, stirring occasionally

whisk eggs in a separate bowl (I added a squirt of harissa chilli paste)

pour into pan, turn the heat on low

sprinkle cheese over top

loosen around edge of frittata

put into oven and cook until top of frittata turns firm and golden

take out and let sit for 10min

cut into slices or little cubes as appatizers

Enjoy this one dish wonder! 

xx JZ