Lemon Mint

The best lemon mints I've ever had was in the United Arab Emirates. Super refreshing, sour, zingy... but usually  way too sweet and loaded with sugar. Therefore, we would ask the waiter to bring the sugar on the side. It still tasted sweet but not overwhelming. The recipe below comes pretty close to those delicious lemonades, and you can control the sweetenes pretty easily yourselg. 

Lemon mint 

1 handful fresh mint leaves

2 lemons

2 tbsp maple syrup, agave syrup or honey

sparkling water

ice cubes

peel lemons 

place mint leaves and peeled lemons into a high speed blender

add 1cup of water

blend for one minute 

strain into a jug, discard pulp 

add ice cubes into two glasses 

divide lemon mint among the two glasses and fill with sparkling water to the top