Rhubarb Vanilla Popsicles

I can't get enough of rhubarb, but that's ok because it's in season right now. These popsicles are a great refreshing treat! There is white chocolate on top, yes...BALANCE IS KEY! The sweetness and creaminess of white chocolate work really well with the sour taste of rhubarb. Ice creams or popsicles are always such a tease because you have to wait until they are completely frozen, and I am the most impatient person when it comes to food. BUT these are totally worth waiting!! 


just a few ideas how to use rhubarb: rhubarb crumble, rhubarb sorbet, rhubarb compote, rhubarb cake, rhubarb pie, rhubarb galette, rhubarb cocktail (hell yeah!), rhubarb shake... what I am trying to say is...USE LOCAL AND SEASONAL PRODUCE! 

Rhubarb Vanilla Popsicles 

6 stalks rhubarb

2 Tbsp. sugar

1/2 vanilla bean

Juice of 1 Orange

50ml water




100g white chocolate

almonds, coconut flakes, hemp seeds, pistachios

trim ends of rhubarb, and cut into chunks

Transfer to a small saucepan, together with sugar, seeds of vanilla bean and orange juice.

reduce heat, put a lid on saucepan, and let simmer for about 10 minutes 

when rhubarb is soft, transfer half of it into a blender and puree until smooth (I like to have a smooth and chunky texture, hence the half and half)

Distribute both mixes evenly into 6 popsicle molds and freeze overnight.


When popsicles completely frozen, melt white chocolate and decorate drizzle over or dip popsicles into chocolate, sprinkle with chopped almonds, pistachios, hemp seeds or coconut flakes