Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles (v, gf, df)

How delicious are those chocolatey crunchy nutty balls wrapped in gold? Amazing, right? I created a healthier version without impacting flavor or consistency! With only 5 ingredients, these truffles are super simple to make and the perfect last minute gift for your every occasion. 


chocolate hazelnut truffles (v, gf, df) 

100g hazelnuts

150g almond butter

3 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp raw cocoa powder

1 pinch of salt

100g dark chocolate (vegan if desired) 

Toast hazelnuts on a tray at 180C for approx. 10 minutes or until lightly colored and skins are blistered. 

Wrap nuts in a kitchen towel and let steam 1 minute

Rub nuts in towel to remove loose skins (don't worry about skins that don't come off)

Reserve around 20 hazelnuts for the filling

Chop the hazelnuts in your food processor using the pulse function, set aside 

add almond butter, maple syrup, salt, and cocoa powder into the food processor and blend until it comes together (add a splash of water if needed)

add chopped hazelnuts and blend to combine, store dough in the fridge for 10minutes

Meanwhile, melt the dark chocolate 

Take out the dough and scoop 1 tablespoon of dough per truffle, together with one whole hazelnut and roll into balls using your hands

cover with melted chocolate and transfer to a lined baking sheet

Let the truffles set in the refrigerator for a few minutes until the chocolate hardened a little bit

one by one, roll each truffle between two forks on a baking sheet to achieve a “rougher” surface

Transfer to a baking sheet and let cool completely

Store them refrigerated in an airtight container to avoid strong odours

ENJOY and comment below, like and share :)