Corporate nutrition seminars

“feed your brain” lunch time series


The “feed your brain” lunchtime series offer current popular nutrition topics, tailored to audience interests.

On weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, seminars will take place to educate and consult employees.

Each seminar is 50min to 1h long, including a 15 minute Q&A time.

Single sessions or a block of seminars can be booked, customized to workplace and needs of you and your employees.

Managing stress + nutrition

Stress is all-time present. We must function in an environment that can be quite draining on our health. Make sure you eat the right foods to fight stressors and prepare yourself for stressful times. You will hear about certain foods to support your immune system and sustainable ways of hormone balances. 


To maintain muscle mass, prevent bone loss and aid weight loss, a sufficient protein intake is crucial to our health. How much is enough and what kind of protein is the best? What if I am vegan or vegetarian? Easy cheats for workplace snacks and meals.

Carbs, Gluten, wheat pasta & co

Carbs are bad? Do I lose weight if I eat gluten free? Is it normal to be bloated all the time? All answers you want to know. This seminar will cover a broad spectrum of topics. Complex carbs are an important part of our diet providing essential minerals and vitamins.

Fat 101 & Heart health

Are all fats bad? The good vs the bad. Is it bad to eat eggs every day? This session will include an overview of types of fat, cholesterol and heart health. What foods to eat when high blood pressure, inclusion of anti-oxidants and healthy fats to benefit our heart. Food recommendations and cooking tips.

Weight loss 101

A guide to losing weight sustainably and permanently without counting calories. Low carb vs. high carb. The basics of weight loss are addressed and weight loss strategies will be discussed.  Benefits of weight loss (sports, blood pressure, energy levels, sleep…)

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