Savoury Breakfast Oats

Feeling like oatmeal in the morning but also like eggs and avo? I go you covered! A poached egg on an avocado toast is divine, don't get me wrong, but it is nice to switch it up sometimes. The oatmeal is cooked in less than 5 minutes. Pesto gives it a nice flavor boost, avocado and adds some creaminess and sprouts some crunchiness! It's a perfectly nutritious meal providing complex carbs, protein, fiber, healthy fats and tons of vitamins and minerals. 

Besides it great macro nutrient profile, OATS are very good source of manganese, selenium, and phosphorus, magnesium and iron. The high fiber content of oats (especially in oat bran, beta-glucan) together with polyunsaturated fatty acids help to lower cholesterol levels. Further, it is shown to stabilize blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes.

I love using MISO PASTE to add flavor to my dishes. It’s a great ingredient to marinated meat, fish, or tofu. Depending on the type of miso paste you get, it consists of soy beans, rice or barley that has been fermented with salt, water, and a fungus. White miso (shiromiso) is the mildest variety because its fermentation time is relatively short. It is great for sauces and salad dressings. Red miso (akamiso) is fermented much longer and thus more intense and saltier. Use it for soups or hearty sauces. Mixed miso (awasemiso) is a combination of two or more types of miso, usually white and red. 

Savory breakfast oats (serves 2)

1 cup rolled oats

2 cup water + 1 tbsp miso paste (optional)

1 zucchini

1/2 yellow onion

1/2 avocado

1 Tomato, chopped

2 Tbsp. mixed sprouts

freshly ground black pepper

In a small saucepan, bring 1 cup water and miso paste to a boil

Add oats and pinch of salt; stir, reduce heat and simmer until tender (about 5 minutes)

Meanwhile, heat a small nonstick pan over medium heat, add 1 tsp of olive oil

cut up 1/2 onion and 1 zucchini and sautéed until soft

Remove from the pan, don’t wash the pan

Add egg and cook until white is set and yolk is still runny (about 3 minutes)

Pour oats into a nice bowl and add egg, avocado, zucchini, pesto, and sprouts 

season with freshly ground black pepper and salt 

Parsley almond Pesto

1 cup raw almonds

2 cups fresh parsley, about 1 bunch

1/2 cup grated pecorino or parmesan cheese

3 garlic cloves

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup olive oil

Put the almondsparsleycheesegarlic, and salt in a food processor and pulse for a few seconds to combine. 

Scrape down the sides of the bowl, then pulse again.

Drizzle in the olive oil while the machine is running just long enough to incorporate the oil (about 20-30 seconds)

Use immediately or refrigerate t